Window display modes

By default Speak Freely opens as a normal multiple-document application window, in which the "documents" are connections to the sites you're communicating with. The Options/Window Display Modes menu item provides several alternative ways to display the application window.

Open on New Connection
If the Speak Freely window is minimized (as a taskbar item or icon in the Notification area ["System Tray"]--see below), it will automatically open when a user calls you. This permits you leave Speak Freely "out of sight, out of mind" until a call comes in.

Open on Answering Machine Message
If Speak Freely's window is minimised, it will automatically open and display the Answering Machine dialogue when a new message is recorded by the answering machine. This option is intended for users who leave their computer unattended with the answering machine activated. When they return to the machine, if a new message has arrived, they'll find Speak Freely open with the answering machine ready to replay messages which arrived in their absence.

Use Notification ("System Tray") Icon
If this item is checked, when Speak Freely is minimised, it will display a small "Taskbar Notification Icon" in what everybody but Microsoft calls the "System Tray" in the taskbar. Clicking this icon opens and activates the Speak Freely window, guaranteeing it's visible. Right clicking the icon pops up a menu with items which allow you to open Speak Freely's window, display the Answering Machine, or quit the program. When a new message has been recorded by the answering machine, a red indicator will blink on the notification icon to let you know it's awaiting your attention.

Hide when Minimized
This option, which may be selected only when the Notification ("System Tray") icon is enabled, hides the taskbar button normally displayed when Speak Freely is minimised. The only indication of Speak Freely's presence will be the notification icon. If you routinely run Speak Freely to accept incoming calls, this option keeps it from consuming precious space on the taskbar which you may prefer to devote to active applications.

Start Minimized
When checked Speak Freely will start minimised (as a taskbar item and/or Notification ["System Tray"] icon) as specified by the options above. This option is particularly convenient for users who wish to launch Speak Freely from the "Startup" folder so it's always available to receive incoming calls.